Agent Assisted Selling – Your Choice

Imagine being able to commit yourself to the time required to sell your own property and have access to the main selling portals, be able to present the property online with professional images and better online tools than what agents invest in, have your selling contracts prepared for you, have the ability to do your own open homes or have assistance, receive live market advice so you can be educated on market activity and make informed choices on price repositioning if required, not just be handed a sales contract but know the what’s and why’s that pertain to your sale contract. Complete the sales contract yourself or call on professional expertise….. and.. because you are taking control of the marketing and sale process, you are being rewarded with the extra $$$ saved!
From the sign board to settlement and everything in between!

Do you feel you have the ability and time dedication at your disposal to Sell your own Property?

If you are confident, enjoy people / personal interaction, and feel you can be mentored to tackle being an Owner Seller, then saving $$$ on making a property sale may appeal to you. If you have the above social and time attributes, being an Owner Seller is worth considering. However, If you are time poor and just not in the head space for contractual negotiation, it may not be worth the time investment to do it yourself.
Aquila Realty is excited to offer you choices in the way you choose to sell!

We are pleased to offer you an alternative selling method to the traditional sales agent commission model.

The world of marketing and the way it is evolving in the digital era opens up opportunities in every sector with real estate being no exception.
We can remain a traditional society using traditional methods, with most tried and proven, or we can on occasion, embrace a new evolving concept or fear it.

“Only the meaningful decisions you make evolve from stepping outside your comfort zone”

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