Thinking about selling but not yet convinced?

There is likely to come a time when you realise that the place you currently call home no longer meets all of your needs. It’s at that point, that a decision needs to be made as to whether to keep the property as an investment and buy elsewhere (although not everyone is in that enviable position), or to sell and look at moving.

Need More Space?
If like 54% of other Australians*, you have kids living with you at home – chances are they are taking over the house when it comes to space! Even babies and toddlers need lots of room for their clothes, toys, furniture and the like so if you feel like your house is bursting at the seams then it might be time to consider finding somewhere bigger.

Need to be closer to better schools?
Depending on the area you live in at the moment, good schools can be hard to come by. If you have children who are close to school age but your current property isn’t in a desirable area when it comes to schools then it is worth looking around to see what your options are. In order to be accepted into public schools, you need to live within a specified catchment area and houses in areas with good schools tend to be highly sought after and snapped up quick so you need to be on the lookout early.

With Australia’s rapidly ageing population (14% of us are now over 65**) more and more people are looking to buy somewhere smaller. The motives behind this range from no longer wanting too large a property to manage as easily as was the case before to freeing up some cash to add to the pension pot.

Getting divorced or separated?
According to a recent article on, 27.6% of Australian couples are sadly getting divorced or separated. This can often lead to the family home being sold, and a new property which is more affordable to run being found.

Fancy a change of scenery?
You might be living in a busy urban area, which is close to transport links and the local shops and amenities but maybe you fancy a slower pace of life or what a different view. Perhaps you want to have more land than you have at the moment, or to be closer to nature. If this sounds like you then yes it could be time to start looking for something else.

If you have decided the time is right to sell, then what’s next?
The next step is deciding how you want to sell. Do you want an agent to handle the entire sale for you, or are you more of a ‘hands on’ type of person, in which case the Agent Assisted approach would be a better fit, and as a bonus, will save you $$$ in commission. Aquila Realty offers choice when it comes to selling. Ask us about Hybrid model and how it could work for you. To find out more contact us here

* According to the Australian Social Trends report, August 2013.
** Australian Institute of Family Studies, February 2013.